16 Amazing Gay History Facts That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

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1. In 378 BC, An elite force of 150 gay lovers was formed in the Greek army. They were named ‘The Sacred Band of Thebes’. At the time, gay relationships between older and younger men were legitimate in Greece.

Sacred Band of Thebes

2. The word “Swag” is rumored to have been originated in the 1960’s by a group of men in Hollywood, CA. It supposedly stands for “Secretly We Are Gay” – But no one could ever confirm the rumor.

3. AIDS used to have a less catchy name: GRID. It stands for Gay Related Immune Disease, and that’s how the media used to refer to it until 1982  – when the CDC gave it it’s official name.

4. In 1985, Delta airlines banned HIV+ people from its flights.

5. There are an estimated 9 million gays and lesbians in the US today.

6. A recent study in Canada claimed that gay bottoms tend to be left-handed much more than gay tops – which proves a genetic difference between tops and bottoms.

7. Researchers have found that the index finger in lesbians in relation to the ring finger is closer to the male ratio than to straight females. Here’s what the lesbians had to say about this:

8. Canadian researchers have found that a male with older brothers is 3 times likely to be gay. They say it has to do with the mother’s immune system.

9. The original gay pride flag had 8 colors and was designed by Gilbert Baker, a military veteran, in San Fransisco in 1978. Baker died in March 2017, at age 65.

10. The first transgender person in England’s history was a man called Michael Dillon – Who transitioned from female to male in 1939. Dillon found surgeon Harold Gillieswho gained experience treating British soldiers who lost their genitals in the war. He convinced him to perform the first-ever FTM surgery on him, against British law. Completing the transition took them 9 years.

Michael Dillon, After and During his transition.

11. Wait, there’s more: After his transition, Dillon, England’s first trans man, fell in love with Roberta Cowell. Can you guess what she was? That’s right, she was England’s first trans woman. Dillon loved Cowell so much, that he performed her final sex change operation himself (Chill, he was a doctor by then)

Roberta Cowell, Before and After.

12. “The Matrix” trilogy, perhaps one of the most famous brands in pop culture, was created and directed by the Wachowski brothers. But if you look them up now, they are just called “The Wachowskis”. That’s because both brothers, within just a few years, came out as transgender. They are now both female, and both are still married to women.

13. In 1977 an American company was selling a “gay” barbie doll named “Gay Bob”. It even came with a closet he could “come out” of.  It didn’t go so well…

14. James Buchanan, the 15th president of the United States, is believed by many to have been gay. Buchanan was the only single president in U.S history. For 15 years before becoming president, Buchanan shared a home with another man, and many claimed they were a couple. The 16th president of the U.S, Abraham Lincoln, was also rumored to be gay.

15. It used to be illegal to tell children about the existence of Homosexuals and Lesbians in Russia.

16. In 1476, Painter Leonardo Da Vinci  Was accused by authorities of having anal sex with 3 other men. He was never brought to trial for lack of evidence.

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