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Here Are 10 Things That Will Make Any Gay Millennial Feel Uncomfortably Old

1. Remember ‘Queer As Folk’?

Well, it’s been 18 years since it aired. Yes, that means you can now legally have sex with someone who was born the night you have watched the first episode.

Gale Harold, who played Brian, is now almost 50 (But still looking bomb)

Gale Harold (Biran) in 2016. Credit: HuffPost

2. And remember this show?

Let us help: it was called ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’. It was a thing 15 years ago.

3. Remember how you used to chat with guys on ‘MySpace’?

Yeah, that was like 13-15 years ago.

4. Oh, remember that Chris Crocker video where he cry’s and asks to leave Britney alone?

11 years ago. And he now does porn and looks like this:

5. And remember when Lady Gaga first blew up with ‘Just Dance’?

Yeah… Almost 10 years ago

6. And remember when you and your friends tried to decide which one of you is Posh Spice?

20 years ago.

7. And remember when Jesse Mccartney was a thing? And we don’t mean “Beautiful Soul”, We mean “Leavin’”

Well, that was 10 years ago.

8. And what about that time Adam Lambert became the first gay American Idol?

Also, about 10 years ago.

9. Remember when Madonna and Britney kissed on live tv in the VMA’s?

15 years ago.

10. Speaking of live tv, remember that time Janet Jackson’sboob slipped out during Superbowl?

Also about 15 years ago.

11. BTW, her brother Michael Jackson has been dead for almost 10 years now.

Feeling old yet?

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